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In these consultations you will be offered an integral attention to your condition...

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n Unit knee surgery, performed daily surgeries, with advanced technology in areas of knee trauma  ...

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After any traumatic surgery and hence, of the knee, starting a rehabilitation program is indispensable, to guarantee the success achieved in the surgery...

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The KNEE SURGERY UNIT we have had since 1995 a Continuous Medical Training program (13 fellows have been admitted so far), to which one or more  ...

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The surgery

Consultation Statistics

  On the year  2009, there were treated 6.354 patients.
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1300 knees


In recognition to Dr. William Añez Nava, a remarkable achiever of 1300 Smith & Nephew TKRs

Medical Profile

Dr William Añez Nava
MSAS 15725
CMOF 7964
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Clinica la Floresta

Consultorio 005, Sotano 2
Miércoles - Viernes de 6:00am a 9:00am (Previa Cita)

Telfs. (0212) 285-1131 286-1996

Central: (0212) 209-6222 EXT. 238/239

Centro Medico Docente La Trinidad

Unidad de Rodilla
Viernes de 2:00pm a 4:00pm (Previa Cita)

Telfs. (0212) 945-9068 949-6278

Central: (0212) 949-6411


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